5 reasons to visit Riga, the capital of Latvia

Photo 5 reasons to visit Riga, the capital of Latvia

Riga is the capital of Latvia. It is located on the Baltic Sea, near the River Daugava. Riga is the largest city in Latvia with a population of around 700,000. As a Medieval old town, Riga is among in the UNESCO Cultural and Historical World Heritage Site. The buildings are mostly made of wood which offers the city a stunning architecture.

The major tourist attractions are museums and concert halls. The Riga Castle, The Freedom Monument, Vecriga, The House of the Blackheads, Livu Square, and The Latvian National Opera are all famous landmarks in Riga. Riga's old city is a popular touristic venue due to its cultural and historical heritage. Riga is also interesting because of its New Town.

5 Reasons to visit Riga

Due to its cultural diversity and fascinating history, Riga is popular for tourism. Besides, Riga is rich in interesting tourist attractions, and there are plenty of restaurants which serve very good food. Here are five reasons why you ought to visit Riga.

1. Visit museums: Riga is home to a myriad of fascinating museums. Among them are the Latvian National Museum, the Museum of the Occupation, the Riga Motor Museum, the Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation, the Museum of Foreign Art, the Riga Porcelain Museum, and many others. The Sun Museum , Cesis History and Art Museum, and the Zanis Lipke Memorial are all quite popular tourist venues.

2. Go on sightseeing tours: Take a tour of the Old City Riga (Vecriga). You will be fascinated by its stunning Medieval architecture when you take a tour of the Old City of Riga and discover Alberta Lela. The panoramic view of the Vermanes Garden is also so breathtaking.

3. Relax at Jurmala in Riga, Latvia: Located at a few minute-drive from Riga, the capital city of Latvia, holiday goers can enjoy a beach vacation at Jurmala. The architecture is a lure to the eye, due to the historic wooden homes which stretch along the beach.

4. Visit Rundale Palace: It is also known as “the Versaille of the Baltic”. The Palace was designed for the Duke of Courtland in the late 1730s by famous architects. It is so fascinating to discover the Duke's and Duchess's living rooms inside the Palace.

5. Visit National Parks: Riga is home to scenic national parks like Cesis and Shigulda. Remains of three medieval castles can be found not far from the National Parks. The Cesis National Park is home to the Cesis History and Art Museum.

Spend good time in Riga, Latvia

In order to have a good time in Riga, Latvia, a few preparations ought to be made. As a popular destination, you need to look for an accommodation ahead of time. Hotel rent is more reasonable if you book early.

The medieval city of Riga is a must to see if you have a passion for history. Before going, know more about Riga through Opodo. The online travel agency Opodo displays some of the top touristic places to visit in this wonderful city (www.opodo-travel-guide.com). Also, make your flight and hotel reservation on the same website. Happy traveling.