Focus on Riga's districts to visit

Riga's Districts
Photo Focus on Riga's districts to visit

Riga is located in the Baltic Sea. It is the capital of Latvia. Latvia is bordered by Estonia in the North, and Lithuania to its South. It is bordered by Belarus in the Southeast, and to the West of the country, there is the Baltic Sea. Riga is the biggest city in Latvia.

Riga's districts

When you hear Riga, the first thing which comes to mind is The Old Town of Riga and its popular landmarks.

Apart from that, Riga features The Central District and The Art Nouveau District, which is also known as the New Town.

Let us explore the main highlights of Riga, which are The Old Town, The Central District, and The Art Nouveau District.

The Old Town of Riga

Vecriga is The Old Town of Riga. It is located in the east of Daugava River. Vecriga is famous for its beautiful, old buildings which are endowed with fascinating history.

  • The Orthodox Cathedral is among the most beautiful buildings in Riga's Old Town. Its beauty is still remarkable at night when the lights are on.
  • St. Peter's Church is the most popular attraction due to its unique monumental architecture, with Gothic style, which has been a popular landmark in Riga since 1209.
  • The Cat House features a mix of medieval architecture and Art Nouveau. Its main attraction lies on the two cat sculptures on its rooftop. The cats have raised tails and arched backs. They are endowed with a fascinating legend.
  • The House of the Blackheads: The beautiful building was reconstructed after it was destroyed during the World War II. It was once a dwelling place for foreigners in Riga, including shipowners and tradesmen.

The Central District

  • Riga Castle is located by the Daugava riverside, in the Central District. Since its foundation in 1330, the castle has undergone many innovations. From 1497 to 1515, it was completely reconstructed. Then, it was seized by the Swedes, who added annexes in 1641. Remodeling work has continued until the 1930s, some of which was directed by the famous architect Ei┼żens Laube, who gave the Castle its contemporary design. The castle now serves as the official residence to Latvia's president. It also encompasses many interesting museums.
  • The Central District is also home to beautifully designed bridges to cross the Daugava River.
  • Riga City Council Building has been a popular landmark since the World War II. It was destroyed by the war, and the reconstruction work was completed in 2003. The building now serves as a location for souvenir and flower shops.
  • The Art Nouveau District is outside The Old Town of Riga. It encompasses buildings with new style, designed by talented architects, who graduated from Riga Technical University. Many beautifully designed Art Nouveau buildings become popular attractions in Riga. The central Riga is also home to several Art Nouveau buildings.

Discover the beauty of Riga

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